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If you found yourself at this page for other reasons, let me share a little life advice that I think would benefit everyone to hear. It’s from a few different wise sources so take what works for you and feel free to leave the rest.

-Show me your friends and I can tell what your future will be like. Show me their bank accounts and I tell you how much money you will make. With that being said, watch who you associate yourself with.
- Determine which hobby/interest you have that you could be
  content investing all of your working hours in… And find a
  way to do that as a career.  (Even if indirectly.)
- You need to spend your 8 hours/day doing something you
   enjoy.  If it doesn’t pay enough, learn how to do high-profit
   activities part-time (e.x. real estate, selling info products,
   owning solo/partnership local businesses that are stable).
- If you are strongly opposed to a University education, then
   don’t get one.
- If you choose to go to a University and get a degree, you
   probably won’t regret it, but the costs will be higher than
   the tuition.
Find Mentors
- if you want to be successful, find someone who is already successful and do what they do.

- if you are looking for jobs etc, don’t just send a resume, go in there find the right person to talk to and sell yourself. prove to them you can do what you can say you can do, work for free / commission… be very persistent!!!!!! if they tell you there are no jobs, show up the next day and tell them you are ready for work!

-when u start planning for retirement/savings, dont trust a broker! learn how to manage your OWN FINANCES!! no one cares about your money more than you do

-That crap your parents tell you when you’re a kid… “You can be anything when you grow up, if you work hard enough”.
It’s true.

- Don’t go to college.
- Don’t get married.
- Find what you love to do so it doesn’t feel like it’s work.